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Art@home with K&I

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The isolation required during the stage four lockdowns in Victoria due to the COVID 19 pandemic has give me lots of opportunity to creatively enter the imaginative world of childhood. My daughter has turned five during the pandemic, and we have enjoyed sharing many creative projects together. Below are some photos of these shared ventures:

Our local Spoonville population expands

Succulent tin thank you gifts for Imogen's kindergarten early childhood educators, who have dealt with so much change during COVID and still been calming, gracious and amazing professionals:

Homemade crepe faces:

Huge combined drawings of imagined landscapes: we have done pirate ships, underwater scenes and this castle (holes because our COVID kitten eats paper when unsupervised at night!):

Our whole house becoming delightfully messy creative zone. It's amazing how you can really let your hair down when you can't expect visitors!

Further, home experiments, coloured egg carton scavenger hunts, the art and craft stuff permanently out and ready for use

Environmental posters to stick up around the neighbourhood. We still have to deseminate them, but I've realised in COVID that you don't want to rush through any of your tasks anymore!

Creating an indoor campsite because Imogen misses camping, although we don't go camping in Winter anyway! (This campsite is protected by robokitty!)

I hope you are all staying safe and well!

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