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Easter crafting

What would a COVID 19 Easter be without crafting some Easter cards to cheer family and friends this holiday?

Here, Easter eggs meet the crucifixion. Rather than the dark destruction

of Christ, there lies some hope of the Easter spirit as the mountainous egg-like hills meet the dawn.

I enjoyed eating chocolate and hanging out with my daughter as I made these with heavily watered down acrylic paint and a water colour sketching pencil on heavy oil paper.

In the meantime my wee girl made this cute, bright little card for her godmother.

And then a little weird egg-periment with ink on a roller and some crushed up egg shells. I'm still not egg-xactly sure what to do with these interesting little prints.

And finally, a bit of graffiti moss, ah-la artists inspired by the subtle manipulation at the edges of nature. I'm thinking the images on leaves by Binh Danh or Nina Foster, and the incredible grass canvases of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, or even the interesting spore and mushroom works by Chris Drury in 2003. My two moss prints both have COVID 19 and Easter themes.

There is this one, Hope:

and I call this one Social Distancing.

Happy Easter everyone! Stay safe and well

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