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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

With the new COVID 19 social distancing laws coming into place in Victoria, and with Art School going online, I have decided to move to my family's farm to ride out the pandemic. I am in good company. My five year old daughter, Imogen, and our COVID new rescue kitten, Ella Bella, are with me. And we join my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend who have already been bunkering down in the country for the last week or so. I'd always wanted to be part of a commune - I just didn't think it would look like this!

I've moved back into my childhood room. It is a funny feeling going back to a nostalgic place where I used to be so creative. I am looking forward to tapping into that creative energy again here.

Mum helped me move a big trestle table in from the shed to use as my printing table. It overlooks the tail end of the beautiful Great Dividing Range. My childhood desk is full of my IT - never designed for this, it is completely full!

Neat and tidy is the order of the day to keep my practice here safe and sane.

I've enjoyed being resourceful and flexible as I've set up my studio. Its a chance to write a new chapter for this room, and for me to redirect my work on Place from Flagstaff Gardens and Afghanistan, to my childhood home and farm. Each day I go for a country walk or run, inspired by the views changing from Summer to Autumn and full of anticipation of how I can reflect this beautiful part of Victoria in my work.

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