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Secret Super Mother's Day mission

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Mother's Day is a special day for me. I was born on Mother's Day, as was my grandfather almost 100 years ago. When I had my daughter, Imogen, five years ago, my first birthday as a mum was on Mother's Day.

This year, iso is making many mums uber stressed with work, studying and schooling from home. Because of this, I wanted to do a little covert Mother's Day mission to spread cheer and sisterhood solidarity with the awesome mums in my life.

My daughter and I coloured in six Wonder Woman pictures from the colouring book she was gifted for her 5th birthday last month. What can I say, we have had Wonder Woman on the brain after her weird and hilarious iso super hero party.

I'm still proud of the Wonder Woman cake I made her though!

Anyway, I digress. For the Mother's Day Wonder Woman cards, I enjoyed using really bright colours inspired by the Kip and Co bed linen I'd recently found for Imogen's happy-coloured bed. I love the tans and browns with the blues, pinks, yellows and orange.

The eclectic colours, indifferent to convention, were definitely influenced by this beautiful bedlinen. Faces were green and blue, clothing was any colour, often nude pinks or tan. Hair was any crazy colour.

I used my steel ruler to neatly rip the pictures into different sized tiles and then glued them in an orderly collage onto the cards - probably inspired by pop art and comic art, and also the Zoom chat I was having with the legendary ladies from my mother's group that evening as we caught up for a chat and drinkie.

The next day I glued in the words to each card:

Dear Super Mum,

I've been noticing the amazing job you are doing.

The world is a crazy, uncertain place right now, but you are there, being an even more amazing mum then even usual.

All I can say is, keep using you super mumma-powers and have a very happy Mother's Day this Sunday!

Stay safe, strong, and powerful!

Your friend,

Wonder Woman

All seventeen cards were enveloped and my daughter sealed them with a cute homemade sticker she coloured in. Bundled and loaded into our bike baskets, we anonymously mailed or secretly letter dropped these surprise cards from Wonder Woman to some of our favourite Super Mums for this Mother's Day.

I remember Meet Me at Mike's super wise crafter, Pip Lincolne, said something like the point of life is to make nice things for your friends. I definitely feel that the effort and fun of this wee project has been just as good for me as it will hopefully be for those receiving a creative mystery randomly arriving in their mailbox this week.

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