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See me at the Motley Bauhaus!

This month could have been a bit depresso. We head into yet another stage three lock down in Melbourne and I am recovering from a little hernia operation whilst on uni semester break.

But, excitement!

My work is showing in the window of the Motley Bauhaus for three weeks. The Motley Bauhaus is a cool art space in North Fitzroy, and during the COVID-19 pandemic they are closed but using their windows for local artists to show their works. Check out Motley Bauhaus at:

If you are interested in purchasing anything on display, you can do so by emailing:

A little photo collage of my prints being framed, moved and hung in the Gallery space:

It's excellent exposure for me and it has been a great learning opportunity to work how to quickly frame and display my work at an opportune moment. Here is my artist statement for the show:

My active duty in Afghanistan has been an important theme. I have used military map marking stencils, mountains, the Australian War Memorial and women in burkas as repeated and layered motifs. For me, they speak of grief, resettling, commemoration and healing.

In his New York Times opinion piece, “The Moral Peril of Meritocracy”, author David Brooks writes:

"On the first mountain we shoot for happiness, but on the second mountain we are rewarded with joy. ... What’s the difference? … Happiness involves a victory for the self... Joy involves the transcendence of self."

My work explores a journey through wilderness and valleys between the first and second mountains.

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